Our payroll service includes salary and additional payment calculations, including preparation for payment orders and full management of the entire package of Social Benefits. In addition, we will liaise with the relevant authorities to consummate the process and prepare all required payments such as Governmental Payments, Insurance Reductions/Payments etc. Our internal systems enable us to efficiently manage the entire umbrella coverage to all employees inclusive of holiday presents and logistics support (leased cars, cellular phones, laptops, etc.)

Managed Services

Preparing for a project? We can work with you to evaluate existing processes. Then tailor the solutions that will deliver cost savings. Nisha Pro is Dedicated to support the project 24/7 ensuring delivery is meeting project requirements, Supervising and handling all employees and client needs, Scheduling on-site visits in order to meet with the employee, gather feedback and share information to fully ascertain client and employee satisfaction.

Out Sourcing

Nisha Pro executes a thorough, effective and efficient process, tailor made for clients requirements. This enables us to locate and deliver the most suitable candidates efficiently and with minimum time consumption and overhead for the hiring managers

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